What make us different?

Since we have discovered the cause of hemorrhoids we can approach them in a different way than the rest of existing treatments.

As we treat the disease and not its symptoms, we have the only physiologic approach to hemorrhoids. It is the only one based on reestablishing the normal conditions that allow hemorrhoidal veins to return to normal functioning conditions instead of destroying or removing them. Thus, we can treat hemorrrhoids at any moment of its natural evolution even when the initial symptoms appear.

How do we do it?

We perform it on an outpatient basis without general anesthesia, with no pain, using an IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) to localize the problem and treat it with a stent.
After the treatment you can return to your normal life, even sit-down with no problem!!!

Our credentials

We are a team of vascular surgeons devoted to treat circulatory problems. After achieving results of 100% clinical effectiveness in a five year clinical trial we are proposing it to our patients.

This trial has been presented with great acceptance in different national and international journals and medical congresses.